Engajer Embeds Brand Videos On Facebook

Coinciding with Facebook’s continued embrace of streaming media, video platform Engajer is rolling out a new service this week to help brands embed video pitches directly into the world’s foremost social network.

Brands can now embed product or service presentations, or “engajers,” directly into their Facebook pages.

Engajer’s new service comes equipped with all analytics capabilities necessary to generate new business leads, according to Michael Castellano, Engajer’s founder and CEO. “This new capability makes ads come alive right on the Facebook page,” he said.

The engager platform is currently free for general use, while the company also offers premium analytics packages for businesses. “For anyone who’s interested in self-expression, Engajer provides a way to have a virtual video conversation on Facebook,” Castellano added.

Presented like most any other video online, “engajers” are broken down into 30-second video bursts, so viewers can navigate through them as they please.

Already a leader in the video space, Facebook continues to push ahead with new formats.

Just last month, the social giant debuted a short-video service to compete directly with Twitter’s Vine. Built into Instagram, which Facebook bought last year, the new feature lets users record up to 15 seconds of video, augment it with visual filters, and then post it online.

Bested only by Google, Facebook ranked as the second-most-popular online video content property in May -- with 60.4 million unique viewers -- according to comScore.

Industrywide, video advertising is on pace to surpass $4 billion, this year, according to eMarketer.



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