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Using 'Free Delivery' in the Subject Line Increases Open Rates, Using 'Report' Lowers Them

The phrase "Free delivery" is an effective one for an email subject line, as emails that use this have a 50.7% higher open rate and a 135.4% click through rate compared to other emails, according to a new study by marketing services company Adestra. The report also revealed that emails that have the word "alert" in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher than average open rate and a 61.8% higher click through rate. Some words tip the scales in the opposite direction. Using the word "report" lowers the open rate to 23.7% below average and click through rates drop 54.8%. The word "learn" also had an adverse effect on open and click through rates, averaging -35.5% and -60.8% respectively.

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