What It Takes To Be A 'Modern Marketer' (Hint: Not Much)

What does a "modern marketer" look like? Do they use new advertising technologies to speed up old school processes such as faxing and phone calls? A company that tries to be as real-time as possible with marketing? A company that works mostly from the cloud? Are the individuals part creatives, part analysts, and part execs?

By the looks of it, the world of advertising is no longer approaching a new age, it is living in one. While it might be difficult to point to Company X as strictly "old school" and Company Y as "modern," MediaMath has a plan to reach the latter. The company has officially launched a new blog meant to "educate modern marketers."

So who are these modern marketers? Well, for starters, anybody that reads something like MediaMath's blog in hopes of learning something about today's marketing techniques. To put that another way, a modern marketer can be anyone who brands themselves as one.

"We hope our new blog will become an online destination for digital marketing professionals," stated Rachel Meranus, SVP of marketing at MediaMath. While the new MediaMath blog posts are solid, it's the whole idea that there is some elite group of "modern marketers" out there that makes me laugh. I mean, even Don Draper is a modern marketer.



No, really.

Omnicom Group's CEO John Wren answered questions on Bloomberg TV about the Publicis-Omnicom merger. In answering whether or not the deal was done because of Google and big data, Wren answered, "Don Draper types are not going away." He added, "We want to make sure we give our people the tools so that the Don Draper of the future knows whom to write a sport for."

"The Don Draper of the future." AKA Don Draper: Modern Marketer.

If a fictional character from the 1950's can do it, so can you.

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  1. Neil Mahoney from Mahoney/Marketing, July 29, 2013 at 6:06 p.m.

    The myth that "modern marketing" lets the prospects learn more about the options available to them makes me laugh.

    This may be true in B2C situations, but B2B prospects have always searched and researched the alternatives that were available to them. Neil Mahoney

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