Targeting Mobile Shoppers As They Shop Elsewhere

Over the course of three days at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit, one of the phrases that came up almost as much as the word omnichannel was geoconquesting,

That, of course, is the idea of using location technology to target consumers when they’re at or near a competitor’s location.

The top uses of location-powered media are auto, retail and QSR (quick service restaurants), James Smith, chief revenue officer of location-based mobile ad firm Verve, noted in one presentation.

He said the greatest effect is at retail.

I translate this to mean that messages sent by one retailer to a consumer when they shop at a competitor’s store works.

But the ultimate geoconquesting may revolve around using location identification around multiple locations for retargeting.

For big ticket items, consumers may take more time to make the final purchase decision.



Shopping for appliances, for example, may involve more than one trip to more than one store. The opportunity is to identify that a particular person is likely in the market for an appliance purchase.

Buying a car is another obvious example, with a consumer potentially visiting multiple locations. Technology can identify the car shopper and deliver messages, such as promotions or ads, when they visit other dealer locations.

Another example is sending a message to a shopper identified as being in the market they stop at a traffic light, since the phone that was in motion knows when the phone stops moving.

At the mobile summit, numerous speakers and panelists discussed various elements of ways to leverage location, which is evolving to a high level of sophistication.

All are aware of the privacy issues, with several speakers pointing out that mobile marketers must be vigilant in data collection and usage.

For consumers who want it, more relevant mobile messages are just around the corner from where they shop.


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