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Chuck Martin is editor of the IoT Daily at MediaPost and writes the daily Connected Thinking and MobileShopTalk columns. He is a NY Times Business bestselling author of "Mobile Influence" and “The Third Screen.” He is working on a new book titled “The Internet of Everything” (IoE). He is CEO of Mobile Future Institute and a frequent keynote speaker internationally. Follow him on Twitter @chuckmartin and contact him at

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  • Apple's HomePod Leads Amazon's Echo Show, Echo Look In Awareness in Connected Thinking on 06/23/2017

    At an Amazon brick and mortar store over the weekend, I watched shoppers check out Amazon's line of Echo products. At the moment, that's just the taller Echo and the small Echo Dot, the lower end version of the devices that provide access to Amazon's Alexa. Coming are the Echo Look, available exclusively by invitation, and the Echo Show, the new $229 device with screen, which starts shipping next week.

  • 18 Million To Use Voice Payments This Year, On Way To 78 Million in Connected Thinking on 06/21/2017

    Voice assistants have taken off and now it looks like voice payments are right behind. Eight percent of U.S. adults already have used some form of voice payments, which include voice commerce, such as using speech to buy via Amazon Alexa, voice-initiated person-to-person payments and voice-controlled bill payments. These are among the findings in a new study on voice payments by BI Intelligence.

  • IoT Security Challenges Include Wearables, Smart Homes, In-Car Systems in Connected Thinking on 06/20/2017

    One of the main thing the Internet of Things involves is connecting everyday objects to the Internet. A potential downside to that is the increase in the attack surface for intrusion, since all smart devices have an IP address and can transfer data over a network. The Internet of Things will become the new cyberweapon, according to a new global study, which says that new surfaces, such as connected cameras, cars, health and industrial automation devices will become a launch pad for intrusions.

  • Boeing To Test Self-Flying Planes in Around the Net in IoT on 06/20/2017

  • Nokia Taps Virtual Reality To Sell New Digital Health Products in Connected Thinking on 06/19/2017

    Virtual reality has been used for a number of applications and now commerce is moving into the picture. Nokia is launching a marketing campaign labeled 'Healthier Together' to introduce its new line of digital health products. These include Nokia-branded smartwatches, connected scales, blood pressure monitors and other consumer health devices, being shipped to stores around the world.

  • People Rule Over Technology On Tall Ships  in Connected Thinking on 06/19/2017

    The Internet of Things involves the blending of a lot of new and a lot of old. Over the weekend, many tall ships sailed into Boston Harbor at an event called Sail Boston, part of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta, a transatlantic race celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. The Regatta covers 7,000 nautical miles and visits six countries, with Boston being the only stop in the U.S. The oldest of the 55 ships was built in 1893 and the newest in 2016.

  • Amazon's Echo Show Leads Apple's HomePod in Connected Thinking on 06/15/2017

    Despite Apple's ability to turn phones into gold, its foray into the smart speaker market dominated by Amazon is facing much more of an uphill climb. Apple's Siri-controlled HomePod, recently announced and expected to begin selling in December, isn't generating the excitement that often surrounds Apple product launches, according to a new study. Apple isn't alone launching new smart speaker products. Amazon recently added to its Echo family the Echo Look and the Echo Show, which has a screen, so consumers have more ways to interact with Alexa.

  • 45% Of Retailers Plan To Add AI To Enhance Customer Service  in Connected Thinking on 06/14/2017

    Retailers appear to be warming to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. There's a coming convergence of AI with traditional customer service, which is on track to completely change the shopping experience, based on a new study. Almost half (45%) of retailers plan to utilize artificial intelligence for customer service within three years, according to the BRP 2017 Customer Experience, Unified Commerce Benchmark survey of 500 executives at retailers in North America, with a focus on specialty retail.

  • 29 Billion Connected Devices Projected; Video Leads The Way in Connected Thinking on 06/13/2017

  • 3% Of Internet Users Own A VR Headset in Connected Thinking on 06/12/2017

    All projections for the growth of virtual reality are relatively high, but based on the current state of the market, that growth has a long way to go. Despite all the promotions and demonstrations at shows like CES and at various stores in malls, most people don't have a VR headset. Only 5% of Internet users in North America have a VR headset and even fewer in other markets, according to a new report from GlobalWebIndex (GWI).

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