• Walmart Launches Shelf-Scanning Robots Into 50 Stores
    More robots are going to work at Walmart, using artificial intelligence shelf-scanning technology to track inventory.
  • Augmented Reality Finally Arriving In A Big Way
    Augmented reality is finally starting to get more real. Millions of consumers of all ages discovering it through Pokemon Go a while back was a start, at least for people seeing what AR actually is, even if they didn't know what to call it.
  • Voice Assistant Users Want Brands To Provide Innovation, Utility
    Many consumers using digital voice assistants want brands to help them improve their knowledge or help organize their daily lives.
  • Self-Driving Uber Car Not At Fault, Say Early Police Findings
    The self-driving Uber car that hit a pedestrian who later died in Arizona is not likely at fault for the accident, according to early police findings. "The driver said it was like a flash, the person walked out in front of them," Sylvia Moir, Tempe, Arizona, police chief, told the San Francisco Chronicle. "His first alert to the collision was the sound of the collision."
  • 38% Would Trust A Drone To Deliver Their Packages, 26% Would Not
    Many consumers seem willing to try various Internet of Things technologies, if they can come across them. For example, many consumers would consider drone delivery of products, but almost a third have not even considered it.
  • 10% Own An AI Device, 32% Plan To Get One, 58% Don't Want Any
    The majority of consumers don't have any AI devices and most people have no interest in owning them, based on an annual global study.
  • Parents -- The New Power Users Of Smart Speakers
    Parents have become power users of voice assistance, based on a Google study that surveyed 1,600 U.S. adults who are active users of voice-activated speakers Amazon Echo or Google Home.
  • Online Shoppers Not Big On Buying By Voice Device
    More consumers are adopting voice-activated devices and smartwatches, but not necessarily to their full potential -- and most are not using them to buy things.
  • Larry Page's Flying Taxis To Launch In New Zealand
    California-based Kitty Hawk is launching Cora, an electric-powered flying vehicle with 12 independent lift fans. The vehicle takes off and lands like a helicopter, and flies like a plane with a single propeller.
  • Marketers Not Keen On AI-Powered Chatbots
    A quarter of customer service and support operations will include virtual customer assistant or chatbot technology within two years, according to Gartner -- an increase from just 2% last year.
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