• China Overtakes U.S. In Smart Speakers
    The latest tally from Canalys shows first quarter shipments of smart speakers reaching 21 million devices.
  • Consumers See Self-Driving Cars Creating Free Time, Easing Private Parking
    Consumers see some benefit in self-driving cars, but fewer than half (43%) of U.S. adults say self-driving cars will drive more safely than human drivers.
  • Most Consumers Don't Expect Mass Adoption Of Electric Vehicles In 10 Years
    One of the numerous obstacles to pushing self-driving cars forward is consumer acceptance and adoption. Now the latest survey from AAA finds that while Americans express an interest in electric vehicles, only 40% said most vehicles would be electric by 2029. An earlier AAA study found that more than half of Americans believe that by 2029, most cars will have the ability to drive themselves. “Today, more than 200,000 electric cars can be found on roads across the country as almost every manufacturer sells them,” states Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering and industry ...
  • Brands Look To Voice Commerce
    Most (88%) companies are developing apps for various platforms such as Amazon Alexa, according to new Adobe Analytics study.
  • Wearable Technology On The Rise
    A new study estimates the global wearable electronics market will grow more than 15% from 2020 until 2023, with a substantial increase in the integration of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and contactless payments into wearable devices.
  • Google Intros Nest Hub Max, A Smart Home Display With Camera
    Latest device allows the use of Quick Gestures, so rather than shouting to turn down music, a consumer can simply raise a hand,
  • Consumer Acceptance Of Self-Driving Cars Skyrockets (Down The Road)
    A year from now, a quarter of consumers would prefer a self-driving car, but in 10 years, acceptance soars to 64% of consumers.
  • Smartphone Sales In North America Take A Dive
    Almost every major device maker took a big hit, with overall smartphone shipments in North America dropping18% in Q1, hitting a five-year low.
  • Lyft, Waymo Team To Launch Robo-Taxis In Phoenix
    All eyes will be on the Phoenix market to gauge resident reaction to Lyft's use of self-driving cars from Waymo.
  • GM's Self-Driving Division, Cruise, Gets $1.15B Investment
    This is just the latest in a continuing stream of funding for autonomous vehicles.
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