• SharpEnd Teams To Scale Interactive Bottle Caps
    The London-based "agency of things" has signed a strategic partnership with a manufacturer of closures for spirits and wine and a pioneer in connected caps.
  • Consumers Keen On More Unattended Retail
    Consumers who use unattended retail channels, like vending machines and self-service kiosks, tend to like the convenience.
  • Retailers Warm To Robots Engaging With Customers
    Interestingly, there seems to be a preference to use robotics that are not seen, such as online and in the call center.
  • 5G IoT Revenue Projected To Hit $8 Billion By 2025
    More than 75% of the 5G connections this year will be in Far East and China, primarily due to early launches in South Korea.
  • Wearable Jammer Blocks Smart Speakers From Listening In
    The wearable jammer is worn as a bracelet and uses ultrasonic sounds to disable microphones such as those in smart speakers.
  • Personal Car Use In Big Cities Projected To Decline 10%
    The decrease will be driven by the rise of the sharing economy and autonomous vehicles, coupled with the aging global population.
  • 56% Of Consumers Prefer Self-Owned Cars To Robotaxis
    But 44% of U.S. adults said they would consider switching from owning or leasing a vehicle to using robotaxi-based, self-driving ride-hailing services.
  • Cars Wrapped In Ads Leverage Location Tracking
    Nickelytics signs up drivers of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, wraps their cars in advertising and then tracks who sees the ad.
  • Self-Driving Cars Hardly Around The Corner: Panelists At Synapse Summit
    While most new cars are becoming connected, fully self-driving cars are likely around 20 years away, said one panelist.
  • 78% Of Smart Home Device Owners Would Share Data With Insurance Companies
    Smart home device owners are open to the idea of sharing data from their devices, but for a price. The majority (78%) of smart home device owners would be willing to share data from their devices with their insurance companies, although 65% of those would do it only if they were offered a discount or incentive.
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