• Advancing Tech Keeps Rolling, Despite The Timing
    Whether streaming, emailing or Zooming, new work-at-home converts turned to more and more tech to keep themselves up and running.
  • Ford Postpones Self-Driving Vehicle Service Until 2022
    The global pandemic is taking its toll on development of self-driving vehicles.
  • Voice Assistant Usage Seen Growing To 8.4 Billion Devices
    As use of voice assistants continues to skyrocket, the companies behind those assistants look for business models to monetize all that voice. Consumers will interact with voice assistants on 8.4 billion devices by 2024.
  • Google Reveals Self-Driving Tests Started In 2009
    Google just released video footage from its archive of its first-generation Waymo Driver.
  • Tech Device Sales Drop, Streaming Services Rise
    COVID-19 is driving up streaming services while pushing down sales of tech devices, according to the new biannual consumer technology sales and forecast report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).
  • Self-Driving Vehicles Start Medical Deliveries For COVID-19 Patients
    "We realized that we could potentially use our R2 unmanned vehicles to provide truly contactless delivery of goods," said self-driving startup Nuro.
  • GM Shutters App-Based, Car-Sharing Business
    The app-based Maven service, started in early 2016 as a ZipCar competitor, was suspended in March due to the pandemic.
  • Hearables Grow Up, Heading To 970 Million Devices
    Multimedia hearables have arrived. Hearables -- formerly considered to be ear-worn devices that purely provided app-enabled audio adjustments -- have changed.
  • Uber Connect Launches For Consumer-to-Consumer Package Shipments
    In more than 25 cities, Uber Connect provides same-day deliveries of packages for a fee, similar to the way Uber rides are charged.
  • Robotaxis Redeployed To Deliver Groceries To Customers
    Autonomous driving company Pony.ai just announced it's starting a contactless, last-mile delivery service with ecommerce platform company Yamibuy.
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