• Amazon Alexa Expands, Bathroom To Laundry Room
    At CES last year, voice was a big deal, primarily as companies annouced that their respective products could be enabled by Amazon Alexa. At CES this year, voice also was a big deal, but in a somewhat different way. More companies announced that they were teaming with Amazon Alexa, with the Amazon voice agent integrated into their product.
  • Touring CES Eureka Park With Isobar To Find The Future Of VR, AR
    CES in Las Vegas is the land of out-there innovation, as long as show-goers know where to look. The days of CES being located in one location, such as the Las Vegas Convention Center, are long gone. The show is now scattered around town, in various official show locations, including the convention center, The Venetian, Aria, Monte Carlo, Wynn Las Vegas and others.
  • It's CES, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    The annual CES show in Las Vegas is a showcase for all the latest and greatest technology, but also can create an opportunity to put the total reliability of all this tech into perspective. One such case was a two-hour power outage that shut down the central hall of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. That's the hall that housed tech giants including Samsung, Sony and LG. The cause was due to rain, which also paralyzed travel around town, no matter how easily a person could connect with the Uber or Lyft app. Self-driving cars could not beat lengthy traffic ...
  • CES 2018: Comcast Extends Smart Home Capabilities To 15 Million Customers
    At CES last year, there were many smart home devices introduced. However, many of the devices were one-function oriented, such as a smart light or a smart thermostat. At CES in Las Vegas this year, companies are launching systems that glue all of this together. In a major step in this direction, Comcast Xfinity at CES today announced it was significantly expanding its home automation across the entire Xfinity portfolio, which includes its voice remote, home security and Xfinity mobile.
  • CES Study: Smart Speaker Ownership Rising Around The World
    Smart speakers may be putting a dent in smartphone usage. Consumers who own in-home digital voice assistants use their smartphones less for online purchasing and entertainment, based on a study released at CES this week. The majority (66%) of consumers who own smart speakers were found to use their smartphones for fewer applications in the home since getting their smart speaker.
  • CES 2018: Pizza Hut, Toyota Team For Pizza Delivery In Driverless Vehicles
    Toyota unveiled its design of a self-driving concept vehicle at CES in Las Vegas today and a deal with Pizza Hut to use such a vehicle to deliver pizza was announced right after. However, there is more than that under the hood. Pizza Hut became one of the founding members of a new 'mobility services business alliance' that also includes Amazon, Mazda, Uber and Didi, Uber's Chinese rival. Toyota's self-driving vehicle concept is called e-Palette and the intent of the global partnership is to explore the future of pizza delivery and other initiates aimed at improving mobility around the world.
  • 56 Million Smart Speakers To Be Shipped This Year
    Even before the onslaught of new introductions of gadgetry at CES next week, data suggests this will be a seriously big year for smart speakers. Shipments this year are projected to reach 38 million units in the U.S. alone, with 4 million devices in China, a distant second. Overall this year, 56 million smart speakers will be shipped globally, according to a new forecast from Canalys.
  • New Voice Assistants At CES: LG TV Remote, GE Lights, Nuance AI Link
    At CES last year, voice was a big deal. Primarily, companies were introducing ways that their product or service could be activated or interacted with through Amazon's digital assistant Alexa. At CES in Las Vegas starting Tuesday, voice again will be highlighted, but in different ways.
  • 53% Of Consumers See IoT Value, 9% Trust Data Security
    There seems to be a paradox in the Internet of Things. While consumers see the value in IoT services, they also are concerned about the security of their data and how it's being used. The majority (53%) of consumers say the Internet of Things makes their life easier, but only 9% have a high level of trust that their data collected and shared via IoT is secure, according to a survey of 3,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers conducted by Cisco.
  • Maker Of $700 Smart Lock Calls It Quits
    Starting a connected device business can be tough. This is emphasized at each annual CES in Las Vegas, where countless startups show the fruits of their work, some of which will never reach the market for any number of reasons. Now the maker of a high-end smart lock is calling it quits just before CES. California-based Otto, which showed its smart lock in late summer, just announced it is suspending operations after a deal to be acquired fell through at the last minute.
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