• Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant: A Learning Experience
    Anyone who uses one of the popular digital voice assistants knows that they aren't yet perfect. They are getting better, of course, especially as they get used to hearing the same voices over and over again.
  • 26% Own A Smart Device, 53% Installed It Themselves
    Consumers may be getting more comfortable setting up smart home devices, or some of the devices may be getting easier to get up and running. Either way, more than half of consumers with smart home devices set up at least one of those devices by themselves.
  • Chevy, Shell Let Drivers Pay For Gas From Car Screen
    Chevy and Shell are working together so car owners can pay for gas from their dashboard. This is hardly an end game, but a step in the right direction for connected cars.
  • Amazon Launches Echo Dot For Kids
    Amazon is expanding its smart speak line again, targeting children in the home. Parents now can get their children their own smart agent, the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, a miniature version in the Echo line.
  • Consumers Expect Artificial Intelligence Will Make Shopping Faster
    Although many consumers still don't fully understand artificial intelligence, they still have expectations of how it will help their shopping experience. Overall, many consumers see AI as helping them get out of stores faster and getting better customer service, based on a new study.
  • Amazon Now Delivers Packages To Inside Parked Cars
    Amazon just one-upped retailers' online order with in-store pickup with an extension of its Amazon Key service from home deliveries with keyless guest access to deliveries inside a customer's parked car.
  • New Amazon Alexa Feature Lets Owners Create Their Own Skills
    Amazon keeps moving Alexa along. First it was the Amazon Echo smart speaker, so consumers could interact with Alexa, play music and use voice to execute skills, essentially triggering mobile apps without typing.
  • How Spinifex Got To Create The Elton John Farewell Tour VR Announcement
    Spinifex Group CEO Ben Casey is behind Elton John's retirement and final tour announcement via a retrospective film and virtual reality experience featuring highlights of his career.
  • Here Come The Smart Fabric Sensors
    More and more things are becoming Internet-connected every day, and now some money is getting behind the makers of smart fabric sensors. BeBop Sensors, a company that makes the sensors, just closed a $10 million investment from Bullpen Capital in San Francisco.
  • Amex Taps Augmented Reality For Shopping At Coachella
    For the first weekend, Amex created a shoppable AR component in the Coachella app, so cardmembers could purchase special merchandise while anywhere on site.
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