• California Passes Nation's First IoT Security Law
    The new law, set to take effect in January 2020, would require manufacturers to equip connected devices with "reasonable" security features.
  • Smart Speakers Moving Toward 50% Market Penetration
    The smart thermostat is the best-selling smart home category, while 28% of households already own a smart speaker with a voice assistant.
  • Smart Checkout Tech At Retail Projected To Hit $45B
    Still, Juniper estimates it will take until 2021 to have more than 2,000 retail outlets deploying smart checkout technologies.
  • Retailers Turning To Self-Checkout Shopping
    One of the more practical effects of the Internet of Things is the ability to get shoppers out of stores more quickly. The most visible of the easy-shopping experiences is Amazon Go, the store with cameras and sensors where consumers can skip the cashier and have their Amazon account charged after they leave the store.
  • 147 Million Smart Homes Projected For North America, Europe
    The number of smart-home systems in North America increased 51%, reaching 22 million homes at the end of last year, according to a new study.
  • 'Cosmo' Taps Augmented Reality For Virtual Try-Ons
    By augmenting the image consumers see through their mobile device, a routine screen experience can be totally transformed.
  • Amazon Bows New Alexa Hardware Line, Goes For Home Voice Domination
    New devices fall into one of three categories: new or tuned-up Echo devices, companion devices and smart-home devices.
  • Pioneers Vs. Passives: Two Approaches To Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence is findings its way into countless aspects of the Internet of Things, but not all organizations are seeing it the same way. An interesting new study categorizes the market into four segments and identifies some significant differences between the groups.
  • Porsche, Hyundai Back AR Startup For Holographic Displays On Windshield
    Augmented reality is coming to cars, but for more than just playing games. The idea is to use a small projection system that can be installed in almost any car model.
  • BMW Unveils Its Concept Car Of The Future
    Even if not self-driving, future cars will be so connected that things done while in the car will expand well beyond listening to music.
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