• Wearables & Getting Closer to the Consumer
    Wearables are a relatively big deal. This doesn't mean that everyone will be wearing something with embedded sensing technology any time soon. However, the size of the market continues to grow even as it evolves into what is being worn.
  • 46% of Retailers Move to Beacons; 71% Learning Buying Patterns
    For all of the fanfare over the last year about retailers using beacons and despite all the perceived benefits they see in using them, most merchants still have yet to implement beacon technology in their stores. As one of the most visible areas in the Internet of Things, beacons and the short-range radio signals they send to smartphones to trigger various activities, have yet to take off in a big way.
  • 11% Plan to Get a Wearable Fitness Tracker, 71% Don't
    Data needs connections. The more connected devices there are the more data that can be accumulated, analyzed and used. And much of the useful consumer data of the Internet of Things will be coming from wearable fitness trackers.
  • 51% of Marketers See Internet of Things as Biggest Impact Trend
    As far as trends marketers see as having the biggest impact on them over the next few years, the Internet of Things is at the top of the list. And the majority (80%) of marketing executives say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business and almost a third (29%) see the need for change as urgent, according to a new study.
  • Elle Magazine Taps Beacons for Levi's, Guess, Vince Camuto
    Beacon-triggered messages are about to be initiated by magazine advertisers as subscribers meander in and about stores carrying their favorite brands. Fashion magazine Elle has teamed with beacon platform Swirl so that in-market shoppers can receive highly targeted and relevant offers, in a deal just announced.
  • Wearables & Leading to the Marketing Messaging
    Wearable computing is going more mass market. We're not talking just about smart watches or fitness trackers, but actual clothing that's being made 'smart,' thanks to embedded technologies.
  • Retailers' Top Department for IoT Benefit: 55% Say Customer Service
    Many retailers see the promise of the Internet of Things as learning more about shopping behaviors and quickly meeting consumer demand. The least of the problems it would solve are dealing with equipment outages and inventory visibility, based on a new study.
  • 89% See IoT Impacting Customer Engagement 'Very Significantly'
    When it comes to the impact of the Internet of Things on customer engagement, the marketers leading the charge see a totally different picture than those behind. And the leaders are looking to leverage new connections with customers, who expects highly personalized engagements, based on a new report.
  • Advertising on the Move: Beacons Added to Double-Decker Buses
    Beacons are going on the move. Literally. Out-of-home advertising is about to get a new and highly mobile tool to be put on buses, shuttles and taxis.
  • Marketing Disruption in Customer Relationships Projected
    The Internet of Things may be at its peak for what is expected, at least in terms of hype. And the stage following the hype is generally a realization that the promise didn't live up to the hype, based on a new report.
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