• Tops in 2018: ESPN Taps AI, Walmart Intros Interactive Toy Lab, L.L. Bean To Track Clothes
    Here are the most-viewed stories as a potential benchmark for what may lie ahead in the next year.
  • Pre-CES, Consumers Look For Practical Results From Smart Home Devices
    Consumers want smart features that are easy to understand and an efficient addition to their everyday household tasks.
  • Retailers Adopting Artificial Intelligence, Virtual, Augmented Reality
    A recent study found 48% of shoppers would be more likely to shop at a retailer that uses AR, though only a few do.
  • Awaiting The Promise Of 5G
    The majority (66%) of businesses plan to deploy 5G by 2020, according to a new study conducted by Gartner.
  • Cheddar Adds Live News To Magic Leap Mixed Reality
    Augmented reality is being added to live news. The business news network Cheddar has teamed with Magic Leap so live news can be seen essentially in space through the Magic Leap One Creator Edition mixed reality headset.
  • Google Assistant Tops Smart Speaker IQ Test
    With two parts to test -- understanding users' queries and actually answering them correctly -- speakers did best on number one.
  • Amazon Smart Speaker Market Share Dips, But Still Dominates Google
    Amazon's Echo line of smart speakers has been on a tear, though its market lead may be starting to take a slight dip. Although projected to account for the majority (63%) of the smart speaker market in the U.S. next year, down from 67% this year, it will be the first time the Echo drops below two-third of the smart speaker market, based on a new forecast.
  • AR Powerhouse Blippar Collapses, Staff Being Let Go
    Administrators are taking control of the UK-based Blippar, and all employees are being let go, according to an announcement by the company.
  • Elf Yourself Back For The Holidays, With A Facebook AR Twist
    The Elf Yourself mobile app from Office Depot allows users to add up to five faces of friends or family members, which then dance around.
  • 63% Prefer VR To Visiting Physical Store: Study
    Many consumers see virtual reality becoming part of daily life and say they would be interested in using VR to test products before purchasing them.
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