• Best Known As IoT Brand: Apple, 48%; Samsung, 22%
    When consumers think of connected gadgets of the Internet of Things, they think Apple. The majority (60%) of consumers see a fully connected home as achievable within the next five years and they already have preferences of what brands they associate with IoT, based on a new report.
  • Big Beacon Revenue to Come from Advertising
    Beacons will be big in the world of the Internet of Things and it looks like the big revenue in that space will come from advertising. On the downside, the scope of that advertising may eventually hit a ceiling, based on some new global research.
  • 59% of Businesses Leverage IoT Data for Digital Marketing
    Many businesses already are using IoT data to back up their digital marketing and most of them call it a success. Some companies are so successful with it that they plan to divert resources to the Internet of Things from elsewhere, based on new research. The study comprised a survey of 500 marketing and technology professionals in large and midsize companies conducted by Survata for 2nd Watch.
  • IoT Marketing Base to Triple to 39 Billion Connected Devices
    The overall size of the market of the Internet of Things keeps getting bigger. The number of IoT connected devices this year is expected to reach 13 billion. While that's a large number, it's nothing compared to what's coming.
  • The Top 5 IoT Success Factors for Media & Entertainment Companies
    As more businesses dive into the Internet of Things, one of the key questions on the table is how to define success. For media and entertainment companies, there are five factors, based on a large global study. While some of the success factors, those that involve people may be a bit more challenging.
  • Sony Mobile Starts Drone Business for New Market
    While millions of beacons and sensors get deployed on the ground all over the world, another part of the Internet of Things is going up. Up, as in the air, as drones for business beginning to take flight.
  • 79% of Big Companies Using IoT Technologies
    Most major companies have Internet of Things initiatives in place today and they're reaping rewards from those investments. Businesses investing in IoT initiatives are reporting significant revenue increases as a result, with an average increase of 16% last year, based on a new global study.
  • Hackers Remotely Shut Down a Jeep at 70 MPH
    There are connected cars and then there are cars that can be 'disconnected,' at least from the driver. In a somewhat on-the-edge experiment published this week, two well-known hackers tapped into a moving Jeep and remotely operated the radio, air conditioning and windshield wipers.
  • IBM, Google, Intel Lead in IoT Buzz
    There may be many way to measure companies involved in the Internet of Things, but based on the buzz factor, IBM, Google and Intel are at the top of the list. The quarterly ranking is not based on revenue, units sold or market share, but by activity of others in the market who may be talking about them.
  • Internet Connections Coming: 25 Billion Things, 4 Billion People
    By the end of this year, four times more things than people are expected to be connected to the Internet. While that's a lot of people, it's a real lot of connected objects. And within five years, the number of things connected to the Internet will be six times more than humans.
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