• Job Seekers Can't Tell Whether AI Was Used In Their Hiring Process
    Many job seekers don't think AI is advanced enough to help in job recruiting, according to a new study.
  • Whiskey Maker Launches Campaign With Connected Bottles
    Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey is adding near-field communication technology to its bottles in a campaign that connects with customers through a smartphone tap of the bottle.
  • Sam's Club Goes High-Tech, Adds AR, Voice Shopping, Store Mapping
    Sam's Club is looking to create the future of retail. The center of the planned innovation is a Dallas center called Sam's Club Now, a technology lab doubling as a live, retail club store.
  • Augmented Reality Is Growing Up
    Ever since Pokemon Go, when massive numbers of consumers got a taste of what AR could do, marketers have been getting more creative with the tech.
  • Honda, SoundHound Team For AI Voice Assistant
    Much like Google Assistant, SoundHound is very good at understanding what was said, even in a relatively complex sentence.
  • 51% Interested In Using A Smart Home Device
    The Internet of Things continues its expansion into U.S. homes and now most consumers at least have an interest in using smart home devices. The majority (51%) of consumers are interested in using smart, connected home devices in the future, with 29% of them very interested.
  • 84% Of Amazon Echo Users Satisfied; 73% For Google Home
    Even if consumers don't yet own a smart speaker, familiarity with such products -- especially Amazon and Google devices -- is high.
  • 64% Of Companies See AI Competitive Boost
    In a Deloitte study, the majority (82%) of companies said they've gained a financial return from their AI investments. Many believe AI will be critical two years from now, although most don't think AI is of critical strategic importance today,
  • Privacy, Accuracy Hinder Voice Commands
    While many consumers have used voice commands, they are not necessarily becoming part of daily routines, according to recent study.
  • Lufthansa, IBM Watson Launch AI-Powered Interactive Ad
    A "destination explorer" showcases each location with local travel facts and tips, tailored image galleries, videos and options for flight reservations.
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