• Consumers See Convenience From Connected Devices, Worry About Privacy
    Consumers appear to like the conveniences that the Internet of Things can provide but have some serious concerns about privacy. Many people with smart or connected devices also are fine with those devices making purchases for them, with some limitations. These are among the findings of a large international study looking at IoT adoption, including benefits and barriers.
  • VR, AR Headset Shipments Grow, But Not As Fast
    The number of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets coming to market continues to rise. The combined headset market will reach 14 million units shipped this year, a drop in the bucket compared to where sales are going. In four years, there will be 81 million headsets shipped, growing 56% a year from now, according to the latest forecast.
  • Younger Consumers Stick With Voice Commands On Smartphones
    The growth of smart speakers may end up being hampered by smartphone habits. While sales of devices such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Smart Home continue to grow, many younger consumers prefer to use voice with their phones. During a one-month period, almost a third of millennials used voice search or voice commands, such as by Siri or Cortana, on a smartphone, based on a new study.
  • Real Estate Robot, AI Dragon Meet Advertising Week
    Various forms of robots are popping up everywhere and Advertising Week is no exception. Robots of two different flavors were displayed on two floors of the Innovation Gallery showcase in New York on Monday. One upstairs featured a robotic dragon that responds to colors and interacts with people, and one downstairs that roams inside buildings creating floor plans and taking high-quality, 360-degree videos.
  • Cosabella Lingerie Balances AI With Humans
    Artificial intelligence is showing up in many places and one global luxury brand is tapping it for everything from ad buys to personalized promotions. Cosabella, a global lingerie brand headquartered in Italy, transformed how it interacts with customers with AI-driven targeted advertising spending. Using an artificial intelligence system called Albert, Cosabella increased its global customer reach, identifying new customers in various countries around the world.
  • SapientRazorfish SNAP Program Fine Tunes Rapid Innovation For Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things involves lots of speed. This could involve the speed of connections of smart devices, the speed of tracking and analyzing data or the speed of serving context-based messaging to a consumer based on location in real time. There's also another place for speed, and that's in the innovation process that will create the IoT technological marvels aimed at satisfying a market need, maybe even before the market knows it has it.
  • MGM Resorts Taps Into Tech To Enhance Guest Experiences
    Every industry is being impacted by the Internet of Things in one way or another and hospitality is no exception. Travelers are dealing with beacons at airports to provide more relevant location-based information as they navigate through a terminal on the way to their plane. Delta lets passengers track if their luggage made it onto the plane and Tumi has a device that tells precisely where that luggage is, anywhere in the world.
  • Nike Launches Connected Jersey For NBA Fans
    Connected clothing is about to get a boost. Nike is introducing a connected jersey so basketball fans can tap a phone to the shirt and receive custom content. The Nike NBA Jersey comes with a tag at the bottom, where an NFC chip sits under the NikeConnect logo.
  • Augmented Reality Headsets Heading To 30 Million, Eventually
    Augmented reality has been around for years and it looks like some more years will be needed before it hits it big. While Pokemon Go gave many consumers a taste of what AR could look like, the future of AR involves many head-mounted displays to bring it to a broader life. Consumer spending on AR head-mounted displays will account for more than half (53%) of all headset spending within five years, according to the new semi-annual forecast by Greenlight Insights.
  • SMBs Face IoT Security Issues, Ransomware Attacks
    Many companies are concerned about IoT security, and mid-sized companies may just be at the head of the list. The majority (73%) of mid-market companies say they are at risk for an IoT security breach and even more (92%) are concerned about the potential of ransomware, according to a new security study. Almost a quarter (22%) of companies wit 200 to 499 employees said they already had experienced a security attack.
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