• Consumer Autonomous Vehicle Shipment Projections Cut By Half
    "We are seeing a much more gradual ramp-up as technical and regulatory hurdles catch up with the promise of the market," says Tractica report.
  • Toyota, Suzuki Partner For Autonomous Driving
    Earlier this year, the companies announced they would begin specific considerations for joint product development and collaboration in production.
  • Remote Control Added To Self-Driving Shuttle
    Texas A&M University is adding a twist to its driverless shuttle program. The university launched the self-driving shuttle in downtown Bryan, Texas, last year.
  • Early Adopters Rule For Smartwatches, Smart Speakers, VR Headsets
    Early adopters own 61% of all virtual reality headsets, 49% of all smartwatches and 43% of all smart speakers, according to IHS Markit.
  • Sony, Yamaha Plan Streaming Ads Both Inside And Outside Self-Driving Vehicle
    Sony and Yamaha teamed to create the SC-1 Sociable Cart, an autonomous vehicle with high-resolution displays installed on its interior and exterior.
  • Waymo Shares Data On Self-Driving Car Tests
    The Alphabet company is releasing high-resolution sensor data collected by Waymo self-driving vehicles for free.
  • Apple, Samsung Smartphone Owners Plan To Stick With Those Brands
    Most owners of iPhones and Samsung phones plan to stay with those brands for their next phone, according to a new brand loyalty study.
  • 74 Million Consumer Robots Expected In 5 Years
    Up from 28 million this year, 74 million consumer robots -- the majority domestic-aide robots -- are expected to ship in 2024.
  • Waymo To Test Self-Driving Cars On Rainy Florida Roads
    The Alphabet company is bringing some of its fleet to Florida just time for hurricane season.
  • Consumers Could Suffer Sticker Shock At 5G Phone Pricing
    For example, Samsung's S10 5G phone is $1,300, a 335% premium compared to the average selling price of its 4G models.
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