• Video, IM, Texting Drive Mobile During COVID-19 Crisis
    Yet as mobile usage surges, email is down 18% and web browsing is down 5%, according to App Annie study.
  • Driverless Cars, Drinking Consumers Show Mixed Results
    Unintended consequences can come along with innovations, including those around the Internet of Things. Now it turns out there may be unexpected results in consumer behavior relating to self-driving cars.
  • Consumers At Home Buying Tech Devices While Dealing With COVID-19
    Consumers staying home due to COVID-19 are turning to tech. More than a third of U.S. households have purchased a tech device over the past week to help them adjust to the current reality.
  • COVID-19 Leading To Shortfall Of Phones, Smart Devices
    COVID-19 has the potential of wreaking havoc on the technology supply chain. Now researchers have estimated a range of what that may look like. In one scenario, makers of smartphones, tablets, consumer robotics, smart speakers and wearables could see a shortfall of revenue up to $42 billion over the next nine months.
  • Toyota Taps AI To Predict Human Decision Making
    A new initiative to develop artificial intelligence tools is being launched by the Toyota Research Institute.
  • Phoning It In: COVID-19 Drives Consumers Back To Speaking On Phones
    Using a smartphone to talk is back, at least for now. For the longest time, consumers have been migrating to texting and web surfing on their smartphones.
  • Smartphone Shipments Plunge 38% Due To COVID-19
    The market of connected things is taking at least a short-term hit due to COVID-19. Global smartphone shipments dropped 38% annually in the month of February.
  • Self-Driving Truck Company Hits End Of The Road
    Since its founding in 2015, Starsky Robotics raised more than $20 million to develop driverless trucks. But now the company has shut down.
  • The Internet Of Things Vs. IoT Hype
    There's a race between the Internet of Things and the hype around it. As with any emerging technological innovation, the hype typically comes before the market.
  • Waymo Halts Robotaxi Services With Human Drivers; Automated Rides Continue
    Autonomous car trials, especially those with backup drivers, are being impacted by COVID-19.
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