• Smart Speakers Tapped For Interactive 'Jurassic World' Adventure
    Marketers are becoming more innovative in how they get consumers to interact with smart home speakers. As a promo for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," the projected blockbuster movie opening this weekend, an interactive "Jurassic Park Revealed" is being released for Amazon's line of smart home speakers.
  • Virtual, Augmented Reality Growing - And Growing Up
    Shipments of VR and AR headsets are down 30% from a year ago, primarily since they no longer come with many high-end smartphones, as they did during much of 2017.
  • Amazon Launches Alexa System For Hotels; Marriott Signs Up
    Marriott is adding Amazon's Alexa to hotel rooms at select hotels as part of Amazon's new Alexa for Hospitality program. Marriott will be installing Amazon Echo devices in select properties at Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels and Resorts, Aloft Hotels, St. Regis Hotels and Resorts and Autograph Collection Hotels.
  • Internet Of Things Tech Spending Heading To $1.2 Trillion
    The Internet of Things shows no sign of slowing on its way to becoming a trillion dollar market. Leading spending growth over the next few years will be the consumer segment, according to a new semiannual worldwide spending guide.
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay Decline In Merchant Acceptance
    Amazon Go, the store without cashiers that automatically charges people for things they put in their bags, carts or pockets after they leave the store, is but one example of the automation of payments.
  • More Connections Coming For In-Flight Entertainment
    The Internet of Things involves being connected all the time, and that also means when flying. In-flight connectivity is improving and there are some innovations coming along that are likely to impact entertainment in the air.
  • Consumers Would Sell Their Personal Information To Brands For $153
    Personal data is so valuable that many consumers stopped using an online service or retailer in the past year because they didn't trust them with their data. However, it also looks like an actual price can be put on some personal data.
  • 46% Prefer Using Voice Assistants When Alone; 69% In The Living Room, 61% In The Kitchen
    There are plenty of reasons to use voice assistants, but one of the key drivers is speed. The majority (82%) of voice assistant users say that fast and accurate replies is the most compelling feature that causes them to use the voice assistant.
  • Voice Assistants Drive Conversational Commerce
    Conversational commerce, where consumers purchase products and service through voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri, is still relatively new but on its way to transforming commerce. About a quarter (24%) of consumers today say they would rather use a voice assistant rather than a website, but three years from now, 40% said they would prefer voice.
  • Smart License Plates Become Message Display Screens On The Move
    Love it or hate it, digital license plates are entering the market. Last week, Sacramento became the first U.S. city to buy in to the idea, outfitting 24 of its Chevy Bolts with Rplate Pros, the computer-driven, networked license plates.
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