• Uber Launches Digital Cash Service 'Uber Money'
    Uber Money will allow drivers in the U.S. to receive real-time access to their earnings after every trip.
  • Virtual, Augmented Reality Startups Valued At $45 Billion
    While virtual and augmented reality may not be creating as much market buzz as a few years back, there still is plenty of money flowing around the space. While VR and AR market valuations have softened, global startups dealing just in VR and AR are now valued at $45 billion.
  • Volkswagen Forms New Company To Develop Self-Driving Taxis, Robo Vans
    Volkswagen is establishing the subsidiary Volkswagen Autonomy as a center of excellence to bring self-driving systems to market.
  • Holiday Consumer Tech Spending To Hit $97 Billion: CTA
    More than half (59%) of U.S. adults plan to purchase a smart home product, such as a smart doorbell or lightbulb, as a gift.
  • Hyundai Launching On-Demand RideSharing In Self-Driving Cars
    Hyundai teams with Pony.ai and Via to launch BotRide, a shared, on-demand autonomous vehicles service in Irvine, California, starting Nov. 4.
  • Hilton Looks To Connected Rooms To Transform Customer Experience
    Hilton is working toward connected hotel rooms. However, it's a complex process for a hospitality company with 16 brands in 109 countries, comprising more than 5,000 properties.
  • 51% Want More Connected Car Features
    Consumers are getting more comfortable with some self-driving features. Features such as lane assist and parking assist are factors in car-buying decisions for 44% of drivers.
  • CVS Teams With UPS For Drone Delivery Service
    Drone delivery activity is heating up. Last week Alphabet subsidiary Wing started delivering packages from Walgreens to customers' homes by drone.
  • Google Starts Drone Deliveries Directly To Homes
    The first drone home deliveries of packages from Walgreens have started from Wing, the Alphabet subsidiary.
  • AI Marketing Companies Attract $1 Billion In Q2
    Within the next two years, more than 50% of marketers plan to use AI in 10 different ways, led by personalizing the channel experience.
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