• Retailers Warm To Robots Engaging With Customers
    Retailers are becoming comfortable with the idea of using robots to engage with their customers. However, it varies by the size of the business, according to a new study.
  • 5G IoT Revenue Projected To Hit $8 Billion By 2025
    More than 75% of the 5G connections this year will be in Far East and China, primarily due to early launches in South Korea.
  • Wearable Jammer Blocks Smart Speakers From Listening In
    The wearable jammer is worn as a bracelet and uses ultrasonic sounds to disable microphones such as those in smart speakers.
  • Personal Car Use In Big Cities Projected To Decline 10%
    The decrease will be driven by the rise of the sharing economy and autonomous vehicles, coupled with the aging global population.
  • 56% Of Consumers Prefer Self-Owned Cars To Robotaxis
    But 44% of U.S. adults said they would consider switching from owning or leasing a vehicle to using robotaxi-based, self-driving ride-hailing services.
  • Cars Wrapped In Ads Leverage Location Tracking
    Nickelytics signs up drivers of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, wraps their cars in advertising and then tracks who sees the ad.
  • Self-Driving Cars Hardly Around The Corner: Panelists At Synapse Summit
    While most new cars are becoming connected, fully self-driving cars are likely around 20 years away, said one panelist.
  • 78% Of Smart Home Device Owners Would Share Data With Insurance Companies
    Smart home device owners are open to the idea of sharing data from their devices, but for a price. The majority (78%) of smart home device owners would be willing to share data from their devices with their insurance companies, although 65% of those would do it only if they were offered a discount or incentive.
  • Coronavirus Cited For Sharp Drop In Smartphone, PC Shipments
    Shipments initially were forecast to decline 7% this quarter, but new prediction is that shipments will drop 40% to 50%.
  • Nuro Self-Driving Car Gets First Federal Regulator Approval
    No driver, no passengers, no steering wheel and no windshield -- but this vehicle just got OK to travel on public roads.
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