79% Of Businesses Expect Significant Impact From 5G

In addition to the coming changes 5G will bring to mobile devices of consumers, businesses are expecting big things from 5G.

A majority (79%) of businesses believe 5G will have a significant impact on their organization, with more than half (57%) of those saying it will be ‘revolutionary,’ according to a new study by Accenture.

The majority of businesses expect the benefits will be seen within the next four years, according to the study, comprising a survey of 2,600 businesses and technology decision makers

Within two years, 67% of businesses expect 5G will give mobile employees the support they need out in the field and upgrade to 5G phones so employees can use crucial mobile applications faster and more reliably.

A majority (64%) of businesses expect 5G will allow more employees to work remotely, 63% to create more flexible networks for employees, 61% to create new applications to monitor remote sites and adopt new connected technology solutions that can react to emerging situations within seconds.

While more than half (54%) of businesses are either testing or have deployed some level of 5G capability, there are some challenges.

The most important challenges seen are using 5G to innovate in business (52%), making sure to have devices optimized for 5G (45%), running new networks based on 5G capability (42%), bringing technology and teams together to make 5G work (42%) and 35% understanding how to use the network.

The good news is that most businesses now see 5G coming and are looking for ways to leverage the new speeds and improved latency.

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