• Voice Assistants Grow, But Not For Shopping
    More consumers are acquiring and using voice assistants, but using smart speakers to shop by voice has yet to go anywhere. The smartphone is still the leading device for voice assistant usage, but smart speakers are growing.
  • Cost Outweighs Security For Buying Smart Home Devices
    Cost is seen as the top challenge for consumers familiar with smart-home devices, followed by security, internet connectivity, installation and maintenance, a survey finds.
  • 67% Pick Stores Based on Mobile Coupons
    Despite all the new technology continually hitting the market, consumers are still looking for a deal when they shop. The technology has made the deals much more portable.
  • 87% See Technology As Today's Biggest Driver Of Change
    Still, despite the flood of technology hitting the market, many consumers seem quite aware of the potential downsides.
  • QR Code On TV Ad Leads To Movie Ticket Purchase
    Success with the Internet of Things depends a lot on things working together. For example, smart voice systems in the home are most effective when integrated with other things in the home, such as smart lights and connected appliances.
  • 73% Don't Trust Conversational AI Voice Assistants
    Artificial intelligence voice technology may be evolving, but that doesn't mean consumers are necessarily comfortable with it.
  • Ford's 2-Legged Delivery Robot Walks Packages To Door
    The anticipated challenge solved is getting a package from a self-driving vehicle delivered those last few steps from the car to a customer's home.
  • Consumers Liking The Benefits Of Robotics At Home
    Nearly half (45%) of U.S. adults already are familiar with robotics, and most (84%) of them are enthusiastic about using robotics technology in everyday life.
  • China Overtakes U.S. In Smart Speakers
    The latest tally from Canalys shows first quarter shipments of smart speakers reaching 21 million devices.
  • Consumers See Self-Driving Cars Creating Free Time, Easing Private Parking
    Consumers see some benefit in self-driving cars, but fewer than half (43%) of U.S. adults say self-driving cars will drive more safely than human drivers.
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