• Automotive To Generate 68% Of All Data From 5G IoT Connections
    Thanks to the coming 5G, the Internet of Things is going to get a major boost in speed. Speeds as in roughly 50 times faster than the current 4G mobile speeds.
  • The IoT Market Gap: Consumer Knowledge Low, Smart Device Ownership High
    Less than a quarter of consumers feel they have a good understanding of the Internet of Things, but nearly three-quarters already own at least one IoT device, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by Metova, an IoT solutions company.
  • More Stores Move To Cashierless Checkout; Amazon Go Expands
    The ability to track both people and products simultaneously is essentially what is allowing the creation of cashier-less checkout at stores, the most visible example being the Amazon Go stores in the works for some time now.
  • Toyota Dives Deeper Into Driverless Vehicles, Puts $500 Million On Uber
    Consumers may not be clamoring for self-driving cars but the companies working on them are moving full steam ahead. At CES in January, Toyota introduced its concept self-driving vehicle along with its intention of transforming Toyota from a car company to a mobility company.
  • 73% Of Consumers Fear Companies Will Take AI Too Far
    A new study found that 15% of consumers see AI as a benevolent force for good, while 18% believe it poses an existential threat to humanity. The majority of consumers fall somewhere in between.
  • The Buggy Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things may need some debugging. A study I came across recently found that the 64% of consumers who use IoT devices have performance issues with the devices they own, with a majority (52%) owning IoT devices.
  • IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drones That Can Tell When Someone Needs A Cup
    The system would determine if a person needs a coffee by assessing sleep quality, time of day, electronic calendar, biometrics, blood pressure, pupil dilation, factual expression analysis, the time an individual woke up in the morning or gesture analysis.
  • 52% Use IoT Devices, 64% Have Problems With Them
    The majority of consumers already use IoT technology for one thing or another in the course of a day, and many of those have encountered issues.
  • Walmart Files Patent For Virtual Reality Shopping System
    Walmart has filed a patent for a virtual reality showroom system featuring a 3D virtual simulation environment with a VR headset with sensors and rendering of physical objects on the screen.
  • Ford Details Its Approach To Self-Driving Cars: 'Not For Everyone'
    Ford delivered a 44-page self-driving safety report titled "A Matter of Trust" to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
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