• Smart Home Technology Hits 69% Penetration in U.S.
    Audio video products are the most prevalent, owned by 56%, followed by home networking (34%) and home security (33%).
  • Consumers Skeptical Of Self-Driving Cars
    A recent study by Ipsos found that if given the choice, only 6% of new car buyers would purchase a fully autonomous vehicle.
  • Amazon Creates Tech Alliance For Voice Assistant Compatibility
    Conspicuously absent from the initiative are Google, Apple and Samsung, all major players with their own voice assistants.
  • Ford Bringing Its Self-Driving Cars To Austin
    The autonomous vehicle testing will be done in collaboration with Argo AI and will start with the mapping of roads.
  • 815 Million Smart Home Devices Projected To Ship This Year
    The market for smart home devices this year is now projected to grow 24% over last year, according to a new forecast.
  • Consumers Trust Ridesharing Alone Less Than A Self-Driving Ride
    Consumers may trust self-driving cars more than riding alone in a ride-sharing vehicle driven by a person. However, the level of trust in each also depends on the age group, according to a new study.
  • Walgreens To Start Deliveries By Drone
    Health and wellness, food and beverage and convenience items will be delivered from the retailer to customers in Christiansburg, Virginia, by Wing, the first drone operator certified as an air carrier by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • 52% Of Consumers Worry About Passive Listening By Their Voice Assistants
    The majority (54%) of consumers trust voice assistants for low-involvement interactions that require a small number of questions to get a resolution.
  • Self-Driving Car Startup Raises Another $31 Million
    While major automakers and others develop and experiment with self-driving vehicles, startups also are in the mix. One startup just raised an additional $31 million, bringing its total capital raised to $52 million.
  • Facial Recognition Expanding To More Airports
    Panasonic is adding automated facial recognition gates at several airports in Japan.
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