• Consumers Warm To Shopping Technologies
    Consumers seem to be embracing shopping technologies. However, early steps in the shopping cycle can still frustrate some.
  • Uber Acquires AI Startup To Advance Self-Driving Tech
    Uber is moving ahead with its plans for self-driving technology. The ridesharing company just acquired Mighty AI, a startup that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect and identify objects for autonomous vehicles.
  • Automated Communications By Brands Frustrates Customers
    While brands are moving to automated communications with customers, many of those customers still yearn for human interaction. The growth of systems like artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can frustrate customers and even anger some.
  • Smart Speaker Owners Worry About Too Much Listening
    Most smart speaker owners use their device daily, at 69%, with everyday use in households with children at 75%. Yet concerns remain that those speakers are listening too much.
  • Video Surveillance Driving Data Into The Clouds
    A new estimate forecasts 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. Those devices generate lots of new data, in amounts counted in zettabytes, according to the International Data Corporation.
  • T-Mobile Adds To Connected Cars
    T-Mobile's updated Syncup Driv app shows gas prices in nearby stations, provides an overview of the car's condition and a virtual glovebox.
  • Waymo, Renault, Nissan Team To Create Driverless Transportation
    The team plans to explore "all aspects of driverless mobility services" targeted for passengers and packages in France and Japan.
  • Smartwatches Driving Wearables Growth To 223 Million Devices This Year
    Smartwatches and ear-worn devices will account for more than 70% of all wearable shipments by 2023, according to IDC.
  • Mastercard Adds 'Priceless Experiences' To Smart Speakers
    Cardholders who own Amazon Echo or Google Home devices can access a wide variety of experiences in major U.S. cities.
  • Target Cash Registers Back Online After Nationwide Tech Failure
    One of the challenges of connected technology is getting it to work all the time. A technical failure in one component can affect other components.
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