Automated Communications By Brands Frustrates Customers

While brands are moving to automated communications with customers, many of those customers still yearn for human interaction.

The growth of systems like artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can frustrate customers and even anger some, based on a new study.

When a company has totally automated communications, the majority (52%) of consumers feel frustrated, according to the study, comprising a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by The Harris Poll for Invoca.

When there is no option for human interaction, 18% of consumers feel angry while 16% say they enjoy that type of experience with a brand.

The level of frustration varies by category. For example, 49% of consumers would trust AI-generated advice for retail, 38% for hospitality services, 20% for healthcare advice and 19% for financial services.

In healthcare, 32% of consumers prefer to complete a transaction over the phone. In retail, 46% prefer in-person interactions compared to 35% preferring online.

As the wave of automated chatbots continues, brands may want to make sure they have a human backstop.

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