Consumers Warm To Shopping Technologies

Consumers seem to be embracing shopping technologies.

However, early steps in the shopping cycle can still frustrate some.

The shopping technologies and innovations that consumers say have improved their experience are online (80%), in-store (66%) and mobile (63%), according to a new study comprising a survey of 2,900 U.S. adults conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The frustration level in the shopping experience is different depending on the stage of shopping.

For example, 37% of consumers find it to be most frustrating when first researching features and reviews, compared to 24% when checking prices, availability or when leaving a review and 15% when placing an order or paying.

Shoppers also have an interest in technologies to help them shop. More than half (55%) of consumers are very interested in technologies to show if a product is in stock, 49% to help compare prices or reviews, 47% to make it easier to find a product or location and 38% to let them try an item before buying, either in person or virtually.

While voice commerce has yet to take off, 64% of consumers have tried a voice assistant and would like to try it again and more than a third (36%) have not tried one but would like to.

Other technologies also are on the horizon for shoppers, with 57% wanting to try a smart dressing room, 54% wanting to try augmented or virtual reality, 56% in-store navigation and 60% visual search.

Consumers are looking for connected retail.

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