• Land O'Lakes Turns To Autonomous Trucks For Hauling Butter
    An autonomous truck from Plus.ai just completed what it called the first coast-to-coast commercial freight run with an autonomous truck.
  • Consumer Robots Moving To Subscription Models
    Subscriptions would allow for frequent content updates and opportunities for partnerships in the smart-home ecosystem,
  • 84% Of Americans See The Car As Essential To Getting Around
    As various business entities ranging from traditional automaker to tech companies pursue the development and deployment of fully autonomous vehicles, consumers remain attached to their cars. The majority (84%) of U.S. consumers see the car as essential to getting around.
  • 966 Million Connected Cars Projected In 10 Years
    China is projected to lead the number of connected vehicles on the road until 2030.
  • FBI Warns Your Smart TV May Be Spying On You
    Smart devices present a potential problem if not properly managed, according to the FBI.
  • Augmented Reality Dominated By Social Media
    Augmented reality is starting to see more widespread usage, even if not totally perceived as AR by consumers. The first mass AR execution was in Pokemon Go, launched in 2016, as millions of consumers new to the technology tapped it to capture creatures as they popped up in their surroundings.
  • Hyundai To Invest $51B In Future Mobility Devices, Services
    The company expects to develop "shopping, delivery, streaming and multi-modal mobility services."
  • Amazon Launches AI-Powered Keyboard AWS DeepComposer
    Amazon is using AI so developers can create an original song in seconds.
  • Vitamin Shoppe Adds Data-Driven, In-Store Sampling
    Rather than samples being blindly handed to passersby, data about who is receiving the samples is being captured.