AI Marketing Companies Attract $1 Billion In Q2

Marketing via artificial intelligence is attracting big money.

In the second quarter of 2019 alone, $1 billion was invested into AI-related marketing companies, according to a new report.

AI also is evolving, according to a market analysis by GP Bullhound.

Within the next two years, more than 50% of marketers plan to use AI in 10 different ways, led by personalizing the channel experience, improving customer segmentation and personalizing the overall customer journey.

North America accounts for the majority of funding into AI marketing companies, while Europe shows the highest growth rate.

The European market represented 30% of all transactions in the first half of this year, with Asian tractions accounting for 5%, down from 20% last year.

Globally, $11 billion has been invested in AI marketing companies since 2014.

The report notes that data is “the defining feature of the global digital economy and is reshaping the marketing sector.”

Artificial intelligence is now being tapped to make sense of all that data.

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