Consumers At Home Buying Tech Devices While Dealing With COVID-19

Consumers staying home due to COVID-19 are turning to tech.

More than a third of U.S. households have purchased a tech device over the past week to help them adjust to the current reality, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

The top purchases include smartphones (14%), laptops (12%), TVs (11%), wireless earbuds (11%) and wired earbuds or headphones (9%).

“As people are social distancing and staying home, technology is providing comfort, entertainment, options for food delivery and outlets for social interaction to help people adjust to this new reality,” stated Steve Koenig, vice president, research, CTA. “The health crisis has accelerated adoption across these platforms and services, and many of these behaviors may stick once the pandemic is contained.”

Nearly half (49%) of consumers are now watching live TV and 48% are using streaming video services like Netflix for the first time.

Nearly a third (31%) are using online gaming more often and 20% say they are watching gaming livestream more often.

Streaming music apps also are seeing greater adoption by 31% of households.

To stay connected with family and friends and keep up with the news, 42% of consumers are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more often, according to the CTA.

While shopping centers, gyms and fitness centers are getting a break, tech is getting a good workout.

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