IBM, Google, Intel Lead in IoT Buzz

There may be many way to measure companies involved in the Internet of Things, but based on the buzz factor, IBM, Google and Intel are at the top of the list.

The quarterly ranking is not based on revenue, units sold or market share, but by activity of others in the market who may be talking about them.

In a somewhat novel measurement of IoT success, IoT Analytics ranks Internet of Things companies based on four dimensions:

  • How often people search for the companies on Google in conjunction with IoT
  • How often companies get mentioned on Twitter in conjunction with IoT
  • How often newspapers and blogs mention the companies in conjunction with IoT
  • How many company employees carry the tag “Internet of Things” on LinkedIn

Hey, it’s relatively early in the world IoT, so at least somebody is counting and measuring something besides massive growth projections.

So here are the top companies that are ‘winning’ based on that four-point scorecard: IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, SAP, Oracle, Samsung and HP.

The obvious insight in this ranking is that the top 10 companies all are big tech companies, as they were in the 2014 rankings.

Those are the companies laying the tracks for IoT. Brands, marketers and advertisers will be driving the trains.


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