• Smart Speaker Ownership Grows 50% In 3 Months
    In early December 2017, U.S. household penetration of smart speakers was 13%. In late February, comScore shows penetration at 20% of Wi-Fi homes, more than a 50% increase to 19 million homes now using a smart speaker.
  • Content Market For Virtual, Augmented Reality Hits $3 Billion
    It's still not massive, but the virtual and augmented reality market continues to show significant signs of life. The global market for VR and AR content grew 72% last year, reaching $3 billion, based on a new VR and AR forecast from IHS Markit.
  • Consumers, Not Businesses, Seen As Top Market For AR Smart Glasses
    The latest forecast shows the worldwide market for VR and AR head-worn devices growing 50% annually over the next five years. In 2022, a total of 121 million units will be sold.
  • Mixed Reality Apps To Reach 9 Billion
    The realities are finally getting mixed. While virtual reality essentially takes a user to an experience disconnected from the physical world, the other approach of augmented and mixed reality are about to come on strong.
  • AT&T Takes Virtual Reality On Tour To Combat Distracted Driving
    AT&T is tapping virtual reality in an attempt to cut down on distracted driving. As part of its 'It Can Wait' campaign, the company created a VR experience for a nationwide tour of more than 200 locations.
  • 34% In U.S. Have A Smart Speaker, 31% Plan To Get One
    A study of U.S. and U.K. consumers shows that smart speaker ownership continues to rise and most people who own one use it every day. Consumers who have smart speakers also are using them to do a wide range of things.
  • Virtual, Augmented Reality In Search Of Good User Experience
    While virtual and augmented reality keep advancing, there still are obstacles to mass adoption. The most significant one is serious, since it involves the technology itself.
  • 54% Of TV Buyers Moving To Smart Home Entertainment Devices
    The smart TV market has plenty of room for growth. At CES, companies like Samsung and LG made it clear that smart TVs are the only way to go for consumers moving forward.
  • Will Smith's Date With Sophia The Robot
    Robots are beginning to look more human, but not all will act that way. Will Smith found that out in a potentially romantic meet-up with Sophia the Robot.
  • Apple Files Patent For Virtual Reality Experiences Inside Self-Driving Cars
    The patent application just published shows Apple creating advanced, in-car virtual and augmented reality experiences -- some solo and others shared by everyone in the car.
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