Consumers Expect Artificial Intelligence Will Make Shopping Faster

Artificial intelligence may not be understood in detail by many consumers, but that does not stop them from having expectations of how it will help their shopping experience.

Overall, many consumers see AI as helping them get out of stores faster and getting better customer service, based on a new study, comprising a survey of 1,400 U.S. adults, 61% female and 39% male, conducted by Avionos.

Over the next six months, consumer expectations for faster checkout is at the top of the list. Here’s how consumers expect Artificial intelligence will impact their shopping experience:

  • 43% -- Faster checkout
  • 27% -- Faster customer service responses
  • 26% -- More personalized offerings
  • 24% -- More immediate customer assistance
  • 24% -- More accurate order fulfilment
  • 12% -- More engaging brand experience

Consumers also have viewpoints on smart digital voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Over the last year, a majority (77%) of consumers say their perception of ecommerce has been positively impacted by the increase in smart assistants being used for voice ordering.

Consumers may not totally understand artificial intelligence, but they’re starting to know what they want from it.

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