comScore: M-Commerce To Hit $10B in Q4

When it comes to mobile commerce, Chasin said comScore thinks m-commerce will hit $10 billion in the fourth quarter, would be first $10B quarter to date.

He highlights key themes for fourth quarter according to what he calls the “4 S’s.”

-Social commerce: Pinterest now reaches 44M U.S. consumers: 18M are mobile only

-Smartphones: New iPhone 5C may help improve penetration among late adopters.

-Sit-back Shopping: Through 70M tablets, which have higher avg. spend.

-Showrooming: 40% of smartphone users have showroomed, with price motivating the for more than half.

M-commerce is growing at a 28% clip annually compared to 14% for e-commerce, and 3% for all commerce. PCs still, however, have the highest penetration rate for commerce, at 69%, versus 34% for tablets, and 21% for smartphones. Overall, 90% of digital commerce still takes place on PCs, with big ticket items especially likely to be purchased on the desktop.


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