Precision Health Prescribes Programmatic For Pharma Marketers

Precision Health Media, a company that finds "specific health condition audiences" for pharmaceutical and consumer brands, on Tuesday announced that brands using their technology can now programmatically target consumers. PageMatch, the company's targeting technology, has been integrated with "leading exchanges," namely AppNexus.

Precision Health Media has a private marketplace of 220 health sites. The company claims there are over 15 billion daily impression on the private marketplace. Today's announcement means that those impression will now be available for real-time bidding (RTB).

Bill Jennings, CEO of Precision Health Media, claimed in the release that this will be the first time pharma marketers will be able to programmatically target consumers without cookies.

Jeff Marcus, CTO of Precision Health Media, stated that instead of cookies, the company relies on relevance, historical and real-world data to find content that attracts visitors based on specific health conditions. Brands then target based on that data.



A company representative told RTM Daily that Precision Health Media targets this way because pharma marketers have strict limitations on audience and cookie targeting. As programmatic relies heavily on cookies, it has been a largely "off-limits" method of targeting for pharma marketers.

“Programmatic is a massive opportunity for brands today, enabling advertisers to achieve massive reach and scale," stated Jennings. "But the uncertainty of ad placement and the widespread use of cookie-based audience targeting across exchanges has made it a non-starter for pharma and health brands."

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