Triton Unveils 'Side Channels' For Audio Publishers

Triton Digital on Thursday announced the launch of "Side Channels," a tool for audio publishers. Side Channels allows audio publishers to create and manage up to 10 digital-only channels, according to a release.

The ultimate purpose of Side Channels is to help audio publishers retain listeners. It offers the listeners fresh content, and the company claims that it will lighten the ad load.

“Research consistently supports the notion that high advertising loads and scarcity of choice are primary reasons consumers migrate from broadcast to digital listening,” stated Mike Agovino, COO at Triton Digital. “Side Channels will assist Triton publishers in their efforts to sustain listener relationships across multiple platforms.”

Even though Side Channels is expected to give listeners a lighter ad load, the company still claims that the new feature will give publishers more to offer advertisers. Patrick Reynolds, Triton Digital's chief strategy officer, described to RTM Daily via email how this is possible.

He said, "Side Channels exist online only. As such, they do not have to mirror the 'ad block' structure of terrestrial radio's commercial breaks. It's a new offering for advertisers because it's a less-cluttered environment and incremental to the station's main stream. They sit side by side. For instance, [during] the holidays a station could have a 'Holiday Rock' channel in addition to its 24/7/365 stream."



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