Digital video: Advertising is way ahead of content

Speaking at OMMA Premium, Michael O'Connor, vp of operations, yield & analytic for AOL On, says versus traditional TV structure, digital advertisers/brands are ahead of the curve -- there is more marketing-related programming video.

For example, O’Connor says brands in the digital space produce their own content. What does that mean? “They are ready to play.”

The supply of premium digital video content is still small -- but desirable. What can be done to recitfy that?

Ujjal Kohli, chief executive officer of Rhythm NewMedia, says if more video is created for mobile, specifically tablets -- and the video is interactive-based -- then digital video content supply can grow.

O’Conner says, for example, when the likes of television/film producer Seth MacFarlane starts producing shorter length content -- like three or four minutes, versus 22 minute TV comedies -- then digital video inventory can get bigger.

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