Are digital data costs equalling media costs?

At a OMMA RTB Seattle panel, “Better Aim: Improved Targeting Through Better Data and Inputs”, executives mulled the idea of data costs equalling digital media costs  -- in some instances. But down the road many believe prices could drop.

“Marketers have had 15 years to evaluate media online; it has been only a few years in evaluating data,” says Jeff Lanctot, president/chief executive officer of Mixpo. “Long term, the cost will probably drop.”

When asked whether data costs are now matching media costs in some instances, Jeremy Lockhorn, vp of emerging media for Razorfish, said, for example, for a direct response campaign: “I don’t know if it’s equal to media costs. But as long it is working, it doesn’t matter. You might say, ‘if it is working, I’m going to continue to pour money into it.”

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