Stars -- and email data -- don't always align

Speaking at the Email Insider Summit, Brad Nash, marketing director of email & life cycle for GameStop, cautioned attendees not to get “too bogged down in finding the exact answer”, especially when it comes to creating loyalty programs.

“Too many people spend to much time trying to get their numbers to align,” he said. Data should be used directionally. He says sometimes data yield results that are off 3% to 8%. But that’s okay.

Though there can be pressures from a finance team or chief financial officers, Nash believes people should focus on building the right systems, as well as having a sharper focus on specific growth each quarter.

Concerning possible concerns over perhaps too young customers in GameStop stores pouring over new video games, Nash says it’s not like there are “12-year olds are running around with credit cards.” Usually mothers of those children can be found off in the corner, while those 12 year olds can be found running around looking at products.

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