There's Gold In Them Thar Windows

  • by December 16, 2013

Just when we thought the content marketing machine Beyonce had set the creative output bar to a new level last week, here comes hubby Jay-Z, not to be outdone.  His new fragrance for men, Gold, is being launched this Christmas with cool transmedia-like tactics, including this one-of-a-kind interactive installation in the windows of, where else? Macy’s in Herald Square.  Courtesy of those interactive innovation addicts at KBS+, who are quickly emerging as the digital-out-of-home innovators, comes Liquid Gold: every passerby’s personal chance to transform themselves into a moving dipped-in-gold figure image like Shirley Eaton in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger.”   

After stopping traffic on 6th Avenue with last year’s BMW e/hybrid car augmented reality installation, KBS+ and Future Colossal now bring us this Liquid Gold installation, which uses Microsoft Kinect® and facial recognition technology to detect passersby in Herald Square. The technology behind the experience features a motion sensor that triggers a ripple in a fluid gold field. When viewers stop to look at the display, their moving silhouette emerges right out of the liquid metal simulation – as if they’ve suddenly turned to liquid gold.

What’s even cooler is that once you grab your selfie all Goldfinger-like, you can share your Liquid Gold image using the hashtag #JayZGold --  which this creative is certain will result a really smart way to burn the brand name beyond paid media and get attention for the launch across more age-relevant social media. 

The experience was designed for Parlux, the distributor and manufacturer of Jay Z’s new fragrance. You can check it out for yourself right here.

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