NEW! Doritos Crashes The Actual Super Bowl With Human Doritos Stunt

doritosFor a look at my post-Super Bowl hits and misses, check out my column here. Now, onto non-Super Bowl ads for the week.

 typically crashes the Super Bowl with a contest in which the general public creates Doritos ads, with the top two spots running during the big game. Doritos added something new this year: a guerrilla-marketing stunt consisting of 50 fans dressed in orange jackets at the Super Bowl, staged to look like one large human Doritos chip. The fans were seated at the back of the end zone, and if you squint, with a liberal view, they do resemble a Doritos chip. Check out the making of the chip here. These prime tickets weren't just given away; unsuspecting New Yorkers were asked to do something "bold," like get a haircut from a bad stylist or help a senior citizen with her racy online dating profile. Those who agreed to participate were rewarded with big-game tickets. Goodby Silverstein & Partners concocted the stunt.



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  1. Tim Berney from VI Marketing and Branding, February 5, 2014 at 6:50 p.m.

    OK Goodby, you're genius. Glad that we named a room after you (thanks for the laser print logo by the way). A few years ago, ran a statewide guerilla effort to bring attention to the 5,320 Oklahomans who die each year just because we can't achieve average health status here. The 5,320 campaign won a Jay Chiat award- our most coveted award ever. Stunt sounds like a dirty word. This article and the dozens of others make it worth the effort. Not to mention the goodwill that Doritos got by rewarding acts of boldness. That's great marketing, which is so much bigger than great advertising.

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