Twitter Bans Sexy Vines, But New Options Abound

Human beings are a strange lot, especially when it comes to sex. What titillates one person makes someone else yawn. Another person has a yawning fetish, while someone else wants a vinyl-clad matron to spank them.
Weirdest of all, in my humble opinion, some people apparently like their sexy time in six-second snippets. It seems Vine has been overrun with bite-sized chunks of amateur and professional pornography, prompting on ban sexually explicit content.
Vine explained the new policy in a blog post: “For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet -- we just prefer not to be the source of it.”
Vine’s new content policy forbids videos depicting “sex acts, whether alone or with another person; use of sex toys for sex acts; sexually provocative nudity, for example, posts that focus on exposed genitalia or depict nudity in a context or setting that is sexually provocative, like a strip club; close-ups of aroused genitals underneath clothing; and art or animation that is sexually graphic, such as hentai.
A variety of content is still acceptable: “We allow depictions of nudity or partial nudity that are primarily documentary, educational or artistic in nature. We also allow suggestive posts, just not sexually explicit ones.” So you can still include nudity in a documentary context, like videos of nude protestors; nudity in an artistic context, for example nude modeling in an art class; and nudity that is not sexually provocative, for example a mother breastfeeding her child; and clothed sexually suggestive dancing.
(As always it’s easy to poke holes in this kind of policy. For one thing, who says that breastfeeding isn’t sexually provocative? Not to me, you understand; see first paragraph).
But despair not, perverted masses, as there are plenty of ways to share your kink online, and new ones being invented every day. Which brings us to Pornostagram, a sexy version of Instagram, which allows users to share racy images with all the great visual features available on Instagram. After all, what could be hotter than a sepia-toned nude selfie? The Pornostagram app is currently available for Android.

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