BrightTag Appoints Forrester Analyst Stanhope As SVP Marketing

Marketers keep hearing how connected devices will change real-time strategies and the ways that consumers interact with their services, but they also will change business models and management challenges. One opportunity fell into the hands of Joe Stanhope, former Forrester Research analyst and now SVP of marketing at BrightTag.

Stanhope, who focused on real-time analytics, believes tag management must go beyond the browser. He said the company's core tag management platform will collect data from connected devices that feed into its real-time data platform, Fuse, to support cross-channel marketing and attribution.

"Think about the original mechanics of managing the tag management technology on a Web site," he said. "The second generation of this technology is less about managing the data, and more about making it actionable across channels. It's not just the pipes, but the insight to improve campaigns."

BrightTag has internal support for content and design and demand generation marketing. But it also works with outside agencies.

The marketing strategy for BrightTag will remain a combination of in-house and outsourced through agencies and partners, but Stanhope does plan to change it up somewhat, as he determines what's working and what's not.

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