Content Marketing And The Modern Mom

We all know that today’s mom is always connected, puts her family first, and expects only the best from her favorite brands. But why does this matter to content marketers? These “household CEOs” represent over a trillion dollars in household spending per year. Marketers who truly understand this audience can leverage great content to build loyalty and influence purchases.  

Content marketers can impact brand success when they target moms. But first, they must understand how moms think. How does she respond to your brand’s messaging? What does she expect from her favorite brands? Here are eight mom-focused trends – and why they matter to content marketers:

1. She researches online. Moms turn to the web to research ahead of making a purchase – big or small. Branded content should answer her questions, provide testimonials and remove any obstacles from her decision to purchase.

Why it matters: Brands must ensure their content is readily available to their target audience. For busy moms, this content must be presented in an aesthetically useful way so that it leaves a lasting impression in a short amount of time.



2. She expects superior customer support. Whether a brand is new to the market or a household name, moms expect top-notch customer service. If she needs to get in touch with your brand, a timely response will catch her attention.

Why it matters: Moms will share great customer service experience with their peers and friends. But be warned – a negative customer service experience will have farther-reaching effects. Offer thorough content in your brand’s “help” section and be responsive to inquiries.

3. She cares. A lot. Moms must filter through many brand messages each day. She will notice messages that evoke emotion more often that ones that are overly promotional.

Why it matters: Moms value brands that speak to certain emotions like trust, joy and security. Leverage emotional marketing through your brand content to connect with moms on a deeper level.

4. She celebrates. Women, especially moms, plan the majority of celebrations from start to finish.  Whether it’s a milestone event or a casual night with friends, these celebrations occur year-round.

Why it matters: It takes a lot to plan a celebration.  Make the process easier for moms with useful content, and she’s likely to choose your product. Or better yet, provide an online solution to her party planning. She’ll appreciate it  – in fact, a recent survey of party hosts found that 73% send online invitations over paper.

5. She is social. Moms are avid users of social media – 41% of moms follow their favorite brands on Facebook, with countless others keeping tabs on Yelp, Twitter, and beyond.

Why it matters: Moms who use social media check into their accounts several times each day. Usually it’s in some sort of down time – waiting in line at the store, between meetings, or while a child naps.  Brands must develop content specific to their social pages to more effectively connect with this audience.

6. She embraces technology. The Millennial Mom welcomes all things tech. At home, at work, or in the car, today’s mom is always connected, and today’s on-the-go mom needs content that will go where ever she does.  

Why it matters: Mobile optimization and responsive design are critical for content marketers if they want their content to be available from any device. 

7. She puts family first. Moms value quality time spent with family.  With so many things that compete for her attention, she will be drawn to products that cut down on time spent away from family.

Why it matters: Brand content that encourages and supports these values is very important. Help her make time for cherished family moments, and gain her business.

8. She is vocal. Moms share their opinions every day. They compare experiences, both positive and negative. Whether they share their opinions by word of mouth or online, what they say can have an impact on purchase decisions.

Why it matters: Brands that keep moms happy will see a serious return on investment. From “mommy groups” to the office break room, moms are vocal about brand experiences. Brands need to pay attention, listen and react appropriately.

As a marketer, consider each of these trends as you shape your marketing plan. Even if your target audience is not the modern mom, there is much to learn from their consumer behavior, brand loyalty, and beyond. Think like today’s mom, and she may choose your brand for her family.

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