Lancome Offers Rewards for Social Media Activity

Luxury cosmetics maker Lancôme is launching a new loyalty program, Lancôme Elite Rewards, offering consumers special deals in return for social media engagement and purchases.

Like most other loyalty programs, the Elite Rewards program uses a point system that awards participants 10 points for every $1 they spend in a store or online -- but it also offers 50 points every time they connect with Lancôme on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Foursquare, and 25 points every time they share their favorite products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Participants also get points for activities like watching online beauty tutorials, according to ClickZ.

In addition to redeeming their points for Lancôme products, participants can also use them for special services and events like private beauty consultations, all-inclusive spa visits, and admission to New York’s Fashion Week, among others.

The program is intended to help boost customer acquisition and retention, and Lancôme is drawing on an array of content to drive engagement via social media, according to Lancôme digital marketing vice-president Alessio Rossi, who stated: “We thought we could not achieve it with anything else. Lancome… is an extremely data-driven company, but we saw a limit with traditional CRM.”

Rossi explained: “We didn't want to just throw another promotion or discount. Instead, it's a bi-directional communications channel with consumers to understand them better, collect information about how they go through the decision-making journey, providing more insights so ultimately we can provide an even more personalized experience.”

Lancôme created the Elite Rewards program in collaboration with Olson 1To1 and CrowdTwist, which helps big brands create and execute online loyalty programs.

Separately Lancôme is also partnering with, an online fashion and beauty hub, to reach online influencers with free samples and interactive content,with an accompanying promotional campaign on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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