Amazon Prime Makes A Deal For HBO Programs, Fire TV Adds HBO Go

HBO series will be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and HBO Go will be added to Fire TV, Amazon’s new set-top box, significant developments in the online content competition. The premium cable channel and online retailer announced made the announcement this morning.

This is the first time HBO programs have been licensed to an online-only subscription streaming service, though the content also will remain on all HBO platforms. For Amazon, it’s a significant add-on, particularly the authenticated HBO Go addition to Fire TV. 

That gives subscribers instant access to over 1,700 titles online including new and classic HBO series and original films and other content, including theatrical movies. Amazon says HBO Go will be added by the end of the year    

According to release, some older HBO series will become available as soon as May 21, but older seasons of HBO series that are still producing new episodes will show up on Prime. 



Obvious because of its omission is “Game of Thrones,” the pay channel’s current hot property which is not mentioned in the release.

Episodes of other HBO series, including “Girls,” “Veep” and “The Newsroom” will become available, approximately three years after their first HBO windows.  

The HBO content that will become available on Prime next month includes  all episodes of  “The Sopranos,” “The Wire,” “Deadwood,”  comedy specials and mini-series ranging from “Angels in America” to “John Adams” and earlier seasons of current series including “Boardwalk Emprire,” “True Blood” and “Treme.”


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