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P.J. Bednarski has written for MediaPost since 2012 on media and marketing topics. He can be reached at

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  • If You Make News Here, You Will Make It Everywhere by Joe Mandese (TVBlog on 04/13/2022)

    I would think most people scattered around the United States find it remarkable how 6-inch snowfalls, freak 100-degree days, deadly apartment fires, and remarkable rookie pitchers are much more newsworthy and significant when they happen in New York than they are if they happen somewhere anywhere else. 

  • Guinness Puts Irish Smile On For St. Paddy's Day Pandemic Part II by P.J. Bednarski (Marketing Daily on 03/12/2021)

    You're right. If you put an O' before my last name I might sound like I have Irish roots. But I do drink, so you'd think I'd know something like this. The St. Patty's reference in the headline has been changed. For readers, attached is an AP style discussion about it. Thanks Adam!

  • Old Spice's New Way To Build CPG Experiences by Sarah Mahoney (Marketing Daily on 02/17/2021)

     Two things I had no use for when I was college age: barber shops and Old Spice merchandise. Things change.

  • It's Time -- Literally -- To Move On by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 08/31/2020)

    Thom--I don't think we've met for all the years I've contributed to MediaPost, and that's a familiar circumstance  and fact of journalism in an internet/cellphone/COVID-19 era. Writers don't meet or get to know the other brilliant colleagues around them. So Thom, while I hardly know ye, I will miss ye and all that you know. Good luck out there in the real world.

  • Gannett Media Corp. CEO Post Eliminated, Paul Bascobert Out by Sara Guaglione (Publishers Daily on 06/19/2020)

    Sometimes when news corporations eliminate positions, it means they're going to hire somebody else and give him/her the same job with a slightly different title and some slighly diferent duties. New Gannett chief will be TOP Executive Of Company and duties will include Choosing The Comics, which the CEO NEVER did. And that person will be paid half as much

  • Twitter Would Like Users To Be Better Informed by Gavin O'Malley (Mobile Insider on 06/10/2020)

    What next? Educating voters? 

  • Peyton Manning Has Starring Role For Michelob Ultra This Sunday by P.J. Bednarski (Marketing Daily on 05/21/2020)

    I don't know if that's a trend for all of modern marketing journalism, but it's my omission this time, and you're right. It should be there. The creative was done by Wieden +Kennedy New York.  Now, I'll see if I can get my editor to slip it in to the story, which will make these two comments perplexing (or revealing) to subsequent readers. Thanks.  

  • Cover Story: All The News Barely Fit For Print by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/27/2020)

    It's not the front page and it's not such an amazing graphic but the Business page front shows the recent unemployment stats for each of the 50 states and a graphical spike for the stats announced yesterday. Absolutely stunning! Pennsylvania had 378,808 jobless claims last week! (That's more than the population of Pittsburgh!) No other state comes even close to that. Ohio--187,784, California 186,809. Michigan, Minnnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts. Wow...National media focus on New York City, but look around. 

  • Nielsen Reveals 646,000 Program Universe by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 02/11/2020)

    I've been counrting since yesterday and I'm only up to 204,326. It's fun. I just watched "Advanced Horsemanship" on RFD-TV. It was the second of a  two-parter as Scot continued his work with Janet Cotton to get her confidence back up. That was a good one. 

  • Good Moos! Joaquin Cow Speech Sparks Headline Creativity by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 02/11/2020)

    God love you, Adam! I think he got caught up in his own passion and mid-sentence was in a panic about how to end the sentence.I didn't know until I searched around that it was Phoenix who convinced the party planners at the Golden Globes to go meatless. Then, the Oscars followed (like sheep!). Their menu was about 70% vegetarian. I read that on the Daily Beast. 

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