What Happens With Native Ads Outperform Native Editorial?

That’s an interesting question that’s beginning to emerge, now that brands -- and brand stewards -- are getting pretty savvy about creating native advertising formats that can be compared alongside editorial content by the most important KPIs: whether people read and engage with it.

At least two powerful examples of that were cited on the “The New Premium” publishers panel at OMMA Native this morning.

“We’ve actually seen some stories do as well or better than our editorial content,” boasted Anne Toal, associated publisher-digital at People magazine, citing a native ad it recently published on, “How to get your beach feet ready.”

“What we found, is if it’s good content, readers are willing to engage with it,” added NetApp’s Lisa Camarillo, citing a recent native ad published by the telecommunications industry’s CTIA, which was designed to educate consumers on ways the industry benefits consumers beyond obviously phone services.

The content was so engaging, said Camarillo, that readers were spending “about twice as much time as with the average article on the site.”
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