What Would You Ask Zuck?

That’s what OMMA Video moderator Ari Zoldan asked his “Facebook Premium Video Ads” panel to answer.

“My question to Mark [Zuckerberg] would be, ‘Is what are you doing to do that’s innovative -- that’s more engaging within the video format,” Mike Walker, senior director of strategy at BLiNQ Media said he would ask. “What can you do to innovate or differentiate your video ads from sort of the other video ads that are playing across the Internet?”

“I would ask him what is the pressure to conform,” Walton Isaacson’s Lesley Pinkney said she would ask, adding, “There are some inherent things on the Facebook platform that, with focus, could develop… that isn’t a retread of what’s out there.”

“I’d actually ask him how does Intsagram play in all of this,” Piston’s Megan Black said she would ask. “It’s kind of noticeably absent right now in all of the conversations.What’s the cohesion between these platforms.”

“I would ask him for his checking account number,” Zoldan concluded.
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