Is Targeted GRP a Good Fit For Facebook Video Buys?

Facebook’s video ads are to be bought using Targeted Gross Ratings Points (GRP), but is that the right currency for buying video on a social network? Speaking on an OMMA Video panel, Megan Black of media agency Piston acknowledged a need to have a unified metric across screens to help streamline media buying, even though advertising on Facebook has long been focused more on targeting than reach.

Lesley Pinckney, VP of interactive at Walton Isaacson, added she’s looking to see how much earned media Facebook can deliver from sharing of video ads—the type of amplification social networks offer that differs from a straight TV buy. “To me, that’s going to be one of they key KPI’s I’m looking for on Facebook—Am I getting more earned reach because people are sharing my video versus I know what I’m getting when I buy on network TV,” she said.

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