Marketers: Time To Go 'Over The Top' With Video?

At the NewFronts earlier this May, we saw many media companies show off their best new online video offerings.  The media industry knows that consumers have an insatiable appetite for video content, and the original programming that’s being introduced will no doubt feed the video consumption frenzy.  Some, but certainly not all, of the new video content produced following the NewFronts will be available not only online, but also via OTT (over-the-top), platforms such as Roku.

New investments in OTT and recent consolidations in the space seem to show that OTT technology is here to stay.  In fact, new research from Parks Associates here shows that OTT video adoption is increasing, especially in younger consumers, as 40% of consumers select online video as their most important source of video.

Given this fact, it is no surprise that big media players and startups alike are looking at how they can leverage OTT platforms and are adjusting their businesses accordingly.



OTT is a marketplace disruptor, and it is important for brand marketers to leverage this new technology to get in front of target consumers who have an appetite for engaging content on this emerging platform.

Creating good video content is the first step to a more successful content marketing campaign, but getting it out to consumers via distribution channels like OTT platforms could be the next.

Beyond the obvious strategy of leveraging OTT platforms to distribute content that is created for online viewing, an out-of-the- box (pun intended) way to leverage OTT is to have a brand create its own branded OTT TV channel.  A fitness company could, for example, have its own always-on channel covering topics important to its target consumers.

After the recent NewFront offerings and the continued drumbeat about the need for video content from the industry, will brands question if they should produce their own branded video content? And will they be looking to OTT branded TV channels for distribution?

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