Mobile Viewing Of Online Video Doubles, Study Finds

Mobile is the most used platform. And, um, it’s kind of the future -- for the whole dang Internet.

Not only are smartphones and tablets far outselling computers and TVs, they also have become the most used and viewed medium in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, and Germany, according to the 2014 Internet Trends report from Mary Meeker with noted venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers.

Smartphones and tablets are shipping at levels four to five times higher than PCs and TVs. The use of mobile as a conduit to the Internet is soaring. Mobile accounted for one-quarter of total Internet traffic last month, up from 15% from a year ago. In North America, that number rose to 19% from 11% a year ago. The growth should continue at an annual rate of 81%, driven largely by video.



Mobile viewing of online video has doubled in the last year and now comprises 22% of online video, according to Ooyala numbers in the report. That trend is fueled by Millenials, who often opt first for a mobile device or connected TV to watch video. This group watches nearly three times as much online video as those in other demographics -- 35% compared to 12%.

The report also found that 84% of mobile phone owners use their phones while watching TV, double the number of a year ago. Consumers are surfing the Web, shopping, and checking sports scores in addition to looking up information related to the show they’re watching. But the second screen isn’t cannibalizing TV -- the report found that the more devices used, the more TV watched too.

Mobile needs to pick up the ad slack though, since it only contributes to 4% of all ad sales, even though it commands 20% of users’ time spent.

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